An introduction to the life of miles davis

However, the origins of the word go back to the Yoruba people of south-west Nigeria, who use it to describe an interior characteristic, serenity, expressed outwardly as composure.

An introduction to the life of miles davis

Download this story 2. It stars Don Cheadle as the late trumpeter. The score was created by pianist and composer Robert Glasper. Wesley Snipes was reportedly attached to play him at one point! But any filmmaker with a pitch had to get the blessing of the Davis family members who are the keepers of the artist's legacy.

Erin Davis is the musician's youngest son and Vince Wilburn Jr. It was bestowed upon us," Wilburn adds. It's protecting our family crest, so to speak. Davis was a passionate painter whose work has been collected by the likes of Quincy Jones.

He never said, You're going to look after my legacy. Because he never thought about a legacy. He thought about, What am I doing now? But I think he knew that he could trust Vince and I and Cheryl [Ann] and, also at the time, his sister and brother — Vernon and Dorothy — to do what needed to be done.

Since we lost Vernon and Dorothy, it's just the three of us now. It's been a learning process, but we always have the passion to do it. Naturally, if any filmmaker wanted to make a movie based on the life of Miles Davis, he or she had to work with the family.

Erin Davis tells The Frame that since his father died inthey've been fielding pitches for feature films. After he passed away, it was kind of a blur for me 'cause I was 20 years old back then.

And I remember our lawyer at the time telling us that Walter Yetnikoff had optioned the movie. He was a big player in the music business back then. I think he said that they had attached Wesley Snipes to play Miles in that incarnation.

We were like, Ok, cool. We were all still kind of mourning the loss back then. That didn't pan out. Then I remember having a meeting — I'm not going to say who the principal was in this pitch, but the first thing he wanted to do was have Miles crash his car and have a kilo of cocaine fly out of the car.

And I thought, Eh, that's not gonna be too good. Movie pitches and meetings came and went over the years untilwhen Wilburn made a bold statement that ended up setting in motion a series of events leading to Don Cheadle and "Miles Ahead.

We were at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We accepted the induction for Miles. And in the press junket, somebody asked us, Where's the Miles movie? Yeah, they said, "Who's gonna play Miles? But he was always at the top of our list. So instead of listening to pitches at that point, we hired our good friend Darryl Porter to be our general manager.

He has a movie producing background.

An introduction to the life of miles davis

And Vince and Darryl were taking meetings with various studios. I saw Antoine Fuqua at the gym. So Antoine -- it was a revolving door after we said the name Don Cheadle -- Antoine Fuqua was attached, Herbie Hancock was attached to score.

And so it morphed to this, with Robert Glasper, and Don's directorial debut. We didn't really say much to each other because we felt a vibe. And I started crying.

But someone handed me some headphones. And I hear someone who sounds very close to my father coming out of these headphones and I'm like, Oh boy. It was like kind of eerie in the best possible way. Another cool thing, when they were finished shooting the dailies, Don would have Erin and I and Darryl, our manager, come to his suite and we would talk about it.

He'd say, Hey guys, am I on the right track?Davis was the son of a dental surgeon, Dr.

Early life

Miles Dewey Davis, Jr., and a music teacher, Cleota Mae (Henry) Davis, and grew up in the black middle class of East St. Louis after the family moved there shortly after his birth.

He became interested in music during his childhood and by the age of 12 began taking trumpet lessons. Photographing Miles Davis: A Day In The Life. An intimate look at a jazz legend.

By Jack Crager posted Apr 28th, This visual collaboration led to the remarkably intimate portraits in A Day in the Life of Miles Davis, on view at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in Soho from April 29 to May Get this from a library!

So what: the life of Miles Davis. [John F Szwed] -- Based on interviews with family and friends, this account of the jazz great's life reveals the influence of Miles Davis' life on his work as well as the musician's persistent desire to re-invent.

While Don Cheadle’s Miles Ahead takes place during Miles Davis’s first marriage to Frances Taylor, it’s the pairing of the jazz great and the inimitable Cicely Tyson that stands out in our. The Last Miles is the first book to center exclusively on the music Miles Davis made in the last decade of his life.

Author George Cole spotlights the final period of Davis's career, when Davis emerged from a . Ten Miles Davis Tips for Guitarists. 1. Play Lyrically. Kind of Blue is celebrated for its accessibility as well as its complexity. Listeners are challenged by chord structures that broke conventions of the day but they’re also welcomed into the musical exchanges that take place due .

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