An overview of the scandals in baseball

Origins of the Game Unlike professional basketball and American football, interest in baseball has not been sweeping the globe.

An overview of the scandals in baseball

Suspicions of a conspiracy were aired immediately after the World Series ended, principally by Hugh Fullerton and other sportswriters, but controversy over the allegations had died down by the beginning of the season.

Then, in September, a grand jury was called to investigate various allegations of gamblers invading baseball. Gandil was already on suspension in a salary dispute.

The indicted players stood trial in the summer of but on August 3 were acquitted on insufficient evidence—largely because key evidence, including the original confessions of the players, had disappeared from the grand jury files. They probably were stolen. On August 4 the new baseball commissioner, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landisbanned the eight players from the game for life.

An overview of the scandals in baseball

Few of the alleged gamblers testified at the trial, and none were themselves ever brought to trial for the White Sox briberythough the notorious New York racketeer Arnold Rothstein was mentioned in hearings as the probable banker of the bribery scheme.

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Origins of the Game

Which Hall of Famer once caught a ball dropped from an airplane?/5(12). Ninety-five years after players from the Chicago White Sox allegedly threw the World Series, learn the story behind one of professional baseball’s most notorious scandals.

Dan Elish's book The Black Sox Scandal of gives a general overview of the events involved while not going in-depth about any particular area of the scandal.

The Black Sox Scandal: The History And Legacy Of America's Most Notorious Sports Controversy by Charles River Editors talks about the events surrounding the scandal and gives a detailed description of each person involved in the scandal.

There's a lot to love about's a sport that provides a complete sensory experience -- whether it's the smell of a new leather glove, the sound of the crack of a bat or the indelible image of a well-hit ball clearing the left-field wall to win the game.

Some of MLB’s scandals are well known, like the World Series, Pete Rose being banned from baseball for life, and the more recent steroid allegations against some big name players.

An overview of the scandals in baseball

Others are less known but no less shocking. Student Rights and Responsibilities booklet is online. Use these links to view the booklet.

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