Como hacer un essay en espanol

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Como hacer un essay en espanol

In the previous post I spoke of an article — The Spaniard: Everything you need to know for dealing with the locals — in which a Briton tried to explain to his countrymen how the Spanish were with pretty rough — but not misguided, I said — stereotypes and I would translate it to share but I came across this other article that, pursuing the same objective, does so from a more sedate and, I believe that more accurate point of view by removing some of these topics.

In Spain was a poor country, still trying to recover from its civil war, and many stereotypes arose at that time. Once Spain had the 9th highest gross domestic product GDP in the world and it did have one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union.

Spain used to be a cheap country to visit, but no longer. Cost of living increases means that Madrid is the 26th most expensive city in the world now, and Barcelona No. However with the fall in the housing market economy Spain's outlook is rather dull.

A study unclear where this information has come from shows that Americans and Southeast Asians are the people who believe more in these stereotypes.

Stereotypes are used as mental shortcuts to classify people quickly. They are usually wrong, dangerous, and be the basis for prejudice.

This essay will try to look at some of the common stereotypes. Suelen estar equivocados, ser peligrosos, y ser la base de prejuicios. Spain is the European country after France that has the most tourism. When the Spanish government had tourist campaigns in other countries in the past, they showed the sunshine, the beaches, flamenco dancing, and bullfighting.

This may have helped create some of the stereotypes about Spain. Today Spain needs a new image, to show how modern and progressive it is. They need to develop a national brand that is closer to reality.

Let us look at some of these stereotypes. Veamos algunos de estos estereotipos. The Spanish are lazy and love to sleep the siesta. In the European Union, the Spanish have the longest working hours and they work very hard. You do not get to have the once 9th highest GDP in the world by being lazy.

The population of Spain is concentrated now in big and medium sized cities. Many people now live in the suburbs, quite far from where they work, and do not have time to go home for lunch, what with the traffic.

So they cannot sleep the siesta. They probably sleep the siesta on weekends, when they can. Health authorities say that it is healthy to sleep the siesta, so that the body can recover during the day.

The siesta was much more of an occurrence in the past, especially in the south of Spain, because of the heat. Now air conditioning is everywhere and this has changed many things. The Spanish also have less vacation than their other European counterparts.

The Spanish also sleep less than other Europeans. Es probable que duerman la siesta los fines de semana, cuando pueden. Spain is the land of sunshine and beaches. Spain has more sunshine than the rest of Europe because it is at the southern tip of Europe.

Yet its geography is very varied. There are the central plateau, the Mediterranean coast, the Atlantic coast, and the Pyrenees.Oct 17,  · Los conectores discursivos son adverbios y conjunciones que ayudan a relacionar las diferentes ideas que constituyen un texto o una intervención oral.

Como hacer un essay en espanol

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Oct 01,  · In Junior Cert., Leaving Cert.. 1 Comment on Talking about your family in the Spanish oral. Tengo que hacer algunas tareas por la casa, por ejemplo sacar la basura, arreglar y limpiar mi habitación, llenar y vaciar el lavavajillas, pasear al perro y a cambio me dan la paga: €X al mes.

Sample Leaving Cert Spanish essay.

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