Intoxilyzer essay

A driver might be found to have a level of. But what do those figures mean and how do police officers find out if a driver they suspect has been drinking is legally drunk?

Intoxilyzer essay

What do police officers look for when searching for drunk drivers on the highways? Most DUI arrests occur at night and on weekends.

The following is a list of symptoms in descending order of probability that the person observed is driving while intoxicated while driving at night. Turning with a wide radius 2. Straddling center of lane marker 3. Almost striking object or vehicle 5.

Driving on other than designated highway 7.

Intoxilyzer essay

Speed more than 10 mph below limit 9. Stopping without cause in traffic lane Following too closely Tires on center or lane marker Driving into opposing or crossing traffic Intoxilyzer essay inconsistent with driving actions Slow response to traffic signals Stopping inappropriately other than in lane Turning abruptly or illegally Accelerating or decelerating rapidly Headlights off Interestingly, speeding has not been identified by N.

However, it is a common prosecution tactic to argue that speeding is "risk taking" behavior suggestive of diminished judgment occasioned by alcohol consumption. In reality, most police officers will admit that totally sober persons drive 10 miles over the posted speed limit late at night when the traffic is light.

You are not required to answer potentially incriminating questions. A polite "I would like to speak with an attorney before I answer any questions" is a good reply.

On the other hand, saying that you had one or two beers is not incriminating: You do not have a right to counsel until you are formally placed under arrest.

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By this time most DUI arrestees have already said -- and done -- too much. In most cases, the officer has already decided to arrest you before asking you to perform the usual roadside tests. In effect, by asking you to perform these tests he is simply seeking additional evidence against you because these tests are designed, and scored, to make the subject "fail.

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Breathalyzer vs. Intoxilyzer Comparison Essay by Master Researcher Breathalyzer vs.

Intoxilyzer essay

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