Jack london the hustler of life

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Jack london the hustler of life

Back to School This article is part of a series that studies the life of Jack Londonand especially his display of the Ancient Greek concept of thumos. The students of Oakland High School did not know what to make of their new peer. He was older than them, nineteen, and wholly unlike anyone else who walked the halls.

With a handsome, bronzed face, disheveled curly hair, a mouth full of chewing tobacco, a salty vocabulary, and a series of adventures under his belt of the kind they had only read about, students were either repulsed or magnetically attracted to him — often both.

But when it came to sharpness of mind and pure ambition, London had no rival. He was determined to develop his intellectual capacities to their fullest extent and enroll in college — strengthening his mind so that he might make a living with it.

Jack london the hustler of life

He used what little money he was able to keep for himself to purchase a dictionary, and he made it a goal to learn 20 new words a day. He studied and copied old poetry, and wrote his own as well. He joined a local debating society that was largely composed of professionals and university students, and there he made several friends who were drawn to his guileless sincerity.

They helped polish his Jack london the hustler of life and tutor him in classes.

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His rhetoric and passion drew him larger crowds than any other speaker. He asked for a jury trial, served as his own defense, and was acquitted. Yet, the story of his arrest scandalized parents of pupils at the high school who were already anxious about their children rubbing shoulders with this older, socialistic former hobo.

London felt pressure from the administration to leave and decided to drop out. Now twenty, London was not in the least bit discouraged from his goal of attending college.

Ever ambitious, Jack received permission to finish all the requirements in just a single semester. He plunged headfirst into the coursework, but was expelled just five weeks later, told by the superintendent that while he was to be commended for how well he was excelling, allowing him to complete two years of coursework in only a few months was creating resentment amongst the other students.

Jack was devastated, but still undeterred from his path.

Jack london the hustler of life

His discipline could be as boundless as his quest for adventure. He had a difficult time closing his notebooks and calling it a night, and would jump out of bed as soon as his alarm went off in the morning, eager for another nineteen-hour bout with the books: He hated the oblivion of sleep.

There was too much to do, too much of life to live. He grudged every moment of life sleep robbed him of, and before the clock had ceased its clattering he was head and ears in the wash-basin and thrilling to the cold bite of the water. His muscles twitched as once before they had nearly twitched into St.

Even those dependable sailor-eyes wavered and quivered and saw jumbled spots, but as always through life, he won out. London passed the three-day entrance exams with distinction and was granted entry to the University of California.

From cannery boy, to oyster pirate, to schooner sailor, to Berkeley student: Jack accomplished whatever he put his mind to. Many a man will claim that distinction, but very few can claim it to be utter truth in the way Jack London could.

He borrowed the money for tuition from his old friend Johnny Heinold, and set foot on campus with unbounded enthusiasm — he wanted to take practically every course the school had to offer. For his part, Jack said he left with little regret.

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College had not lived up to his high hopes — he had found the courses full of superficialities and that he often knew more than the professors. He realized he had, and could, learn more through self-study than by sitting in a classroom. On His Way to Becoming a Writer With his short stint in formal education behind him, Jack felt it was time to make a full attempt at earning a living with his mind.

He just needed to figure out what he should write — philosophy, poetry, politics, or fiction?

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He decided there was no better way to find out than to start writing, and to write as much as possible. London vividly describes the mental and even physical strains of his complete immersion into the craft: On occasion I composed steadily, day after day, for fifteen hours a day.

At times I forgot to eat, or refused to tear myself away from my passionate outpouring in order to eat. And then there was the matter of typewriting. My brother-in-law owned a machine which he used in the daytime. In the night I was free to use it.

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Personal Background Jack London grew up in the slum area of Oakland, California, a place which he later called "the cellar of society." Born out of wedlock on J. Read "To Build a Fire," an online version ( version) of London's story, a link from the EDSITEment-reviewed University of Virginia's Center for Liberal Arts.

Browse the Jack London Collection (UC-Berkeley), a link from the EDSITEment-reviewed University of Virginia's Center for Liberal Arts.

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