Master thesis structure maastricht criteria

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Master thesis structure maastricht criteria

Criteria for Marking Postgraduate Theses 1. Research Research is used with several slightly different connotations which are important to distinguish. It is not master thesis structure maastricht criteria used in the way that is associated with thesis work for higher degrees. Research as gathering information The emphasis is on locating information, gathering data, finding out what people want or think.

Criteria for Marking Postgraduate Theses

This may be associated with things ranging from market research, to looking things up in a library or on the worldwide web. Whatever else you do, these sorts of research skills are important. This sort of research may be quite pragmatic and interested in relevance to the here and now.

Research as establishing new understanding and investigating its quality This sort of research has been associated with universities and science labs. It has the idea of checking and questioning information, not just locating it and gathering it.

It expects researchers to challenge old theories and formulate and test new ones.

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This sort of research may be quite abstract in its concerns. Both these are valid enterprises. Ideally B should include A, but some concern to set up theories is impatient with testing them in actual human situations. Sometimes those committed to A do not see a lot of point in B.

They want to find out, but they also want to get on with the job, and A can use very sophisticated techniques it is not for dummies either. Sometimes B concerns become so fascinating those engaged with them forget to leave their theories long enough to connect with the real world.

Masters theses and above are concerned with B and assume sometimes wrongly that students can already do A. Undergraduate research papers may be entirely A at Diploma level, but need more of B at degree level, especially for BD students. Theses A thesis is a particular type of writing.

It is good for some things. It is, frankly, useless for others. PhDs are not a valuable award in relation to some key aspects of the maintenance and preservation of life and faith. Doing a doctorate is not necessarily the highest form of human endeavour.

A PhD can be useful when it is important to establish understanding which can be tested and establish a person's capacity for sustained critical thinking.

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Doctoral theses are not appropriate instruments where the primary intention is to evoke ideas, inspire feelings, or speculate about the future. Research theses do not present a situation where the burden of interpretation is shifted to the reader or observer.

They create situations where the truth being tested lies in the accurate expression of the intentions of the writer not the effect on the reader, though it is the reader who will judge whether or not the writer has succeeded.

Doctorates should not be undertaken by people who know what they want to tell the world and think that the letters PhD will make people listen. Those who matter will still not listen.

It is an unnecessary award for prophets. If you already know the answer and only want research to back you up, this sort of thing is not for you.

master thesis structure maastricht criteria

In higher education most places in the world are still dependent for their ethos on British or American models though there are differences between these. It can be difficult to move from one set of expectations to the other and some questions are considered legitimate in the American setting which the British are less confident about, but there is variety in both.

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Cultural reasons may lead us to one or another. It can be confusing as much as enriching when students try to relate to the language and assumptions of both at the same time.

If it is possible to identify these assumptions then some misunderstanding can be reduced. In the past there was often the assumption that criteria for postgraduate awards did not need to be set out in detail because if you needed to ask what the criteria were you were obviously not qualified to study at this level!

In the sciences those moving to postgraduate awards were often selected to be part of teams working on large projects where the goals were already set.

In arts, students were expected to know for themselves what they wanted to do and how to do it. They would look for an institution whose ethos was congenial, even if the available supervisor might have limited abilities in the specific area they were interested in. Fortunately in many places there is a move to be more specific about requirements.

It should be required reading for all who aspire in that direction, or who have to advise those who do.The bachelor thesis concludes the Bachelor phase. The thesis is either an article in which you report on a literature research or the thesis reports on a study that .

Programme structure Master’s thesis in which you carry out independently in-depth research of a sustainable development problem or challenge; The Master's programme Sustainability Science and Policy consists of 60 ECTS.

MD Maastricht The Netherlands. Criteria relevant to advanced theological education may be along the lines of looking for the level of responsible critical judgment in their own culture expected of people who hold comparable status and function to the roles traditionally associated with masters and doctors in European society.

The thesis must be written in English. Either you write your thesis in British English or in American English, not a mix of the two. The thesis must be written individually.

Use APA guidelines for referencing. No other referencing guidelines are . report research. Thesis projects must not have been published previously, and must be conducted and written under the supervision of a Graduate Faculty Major Advisor member and a Graduate Advisory Committee.

master thesis structure maastricht criteria

The completion of a Master’s Thesis constitutes six semester hours of credit. Evaluation Criteria & Assessment Structure for Master’s Degree Theses and Papers I. Evaluation Criteria Most of the students at GRIPS are mid-career bureaucrats sent from governmental organizations and, thus, master’s theses are aimed at improving policymaking ability.

Criteria used for marking doctors and masters theses