Project write up

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Project write up

Design activism uses the language of design to create political debate. Instead of solving problems in the manner of industrial design, or organizing forms as in graphic design, activist design creates a series of questions or proposals using artifacts or media for unresolved ends: The point of these artifacts is contestation, not a tidy fix.

Why do you think of this project as activism? But the graphic is actually a very small fraction of the work. Our project began precisely by noticing the differences among icons already in existence.

Our project is an activist work because we started as a street art campaign, knowing that the mildly transgressive action of altering public property would engage potential media coverage about the legal status of graffiti. Disability is subject to the same political invisibility and echo chambers as that of other minority groups, and too much direct activist work around disability is targeted toward people who already think disability rights are important.

And in the most successful cases, we got journalists to talk to self-advocates with disabilities who rarely get a microphone for their wishes. We debated long and hard about what the icon should look like for the first street sign campaign, and we eventually arrived at the clear-back version, which shows both the old and new icons at once.

Instead, we wanted to have a graphic that was an enigma, or a question. Sustaining that question—in the form of collaborations, events, writing, exhibitions, and more—has been the activist heartbeat of the project. Is it street art? Or is it design?

We started as a street art campaign, and that phase of the work is what got us on the radar of likeminded advocates. Between ordinary graphic design and design activism. Not everyone is a wheelchair athlete.

The arm pushing a chair is symbolic—as all icons are symbols, not literal representations. Why should that symbol speak for all kinds of accessibility? But consider the importance of a highly standardized and internationally recognizable symbol. It guarantees that its use will signal the availability of similar accommodations wherever it appears, and its reliable color combination and scale make it easy to spot on a crowded city street, or in an airport.

Icons are standardized, 2D, and high contrast for a reason: We get this question a lot.

Project write up

We see this work as a counterpart to that history of direct action. And we think that symbolic activism—creative practices that are also political—do a work that can be hard to quantify but that also makes a difference.

History shows that the shape and form of what we see and hear does work on our cognitive understanding of the world, and hence the meaning we make of it. For good and for ill, governments and institutions and protestors and dictators and individual citizens have long been using the language of symbols to persuade, to question, to force.

We want to be on the bottom-up, rights-expanding, power-re-balancing tradition of that history. We want to see the icon stand for funding, rights provisions and guarantees, policies, and overall better conditions for people with disabilities.

And we want this web site to track and document the progress of those harder goals. This is a big worry for us. Our icon is in the public domain, and that status is important to us.

Do you identify as disabled? Are you an ally? We know from experience that we need much, much larger cultural conversations about disability to happen, including among people whose lives disability has not yet politicized.

Anything else you want to say?Hello! We're happy that you've found us here on the Internet. The USGenWeb Project is a group of volunteers working together and having fun providing free online genealogy help and information for every U.S.

state and county.

Project write up

A project plan, also known as a project management plan, is a document that contains a project scope and objective.

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These guidelines are very similar to the types of specifications you might be required to follow for a journal article. A Guideline of the Project Write-Up for CSC Bangpeng Yao Computer Science Department, Stanford University [email protected] 1.

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