Regression analysis predicting for detroit tigers

It seems to me that James did much more interesting work applying the mathematical techniques of economics to refine baseball metrics than the Bradbury does by essentially converting a variety of baseball questions into economic ones. Bradbury is a good read, though, and, as such, contributes to another positive trend started by James and carried on by Steven Leavitt of making economic and statistical thinking entertaining and accessible. Bradbury writes on a variety of issues from the non-existence of lefthanded catchers to the positive contributions of pitching coach Leo Mazzone to the superiority of statistics over scouting as a method to identify baseball talent.

Regression analysis predicting for detroit tigers

Detroit Tigers Preview: Why depend on only one brain, when I have at my disposal a network of hundreds if not thousands of better baseball brains to take advantage of? After plumbing the depths of my e-mail contact list, I managed to solicit a variety of different answers to a few specific, important questions regarding this year's Tiger team.

Take it away, guys Even though they've added Gary Sheffield, the Tigers look most vulnerable on offense. Will they be able to match what they did last year? Any predictions for Sheff himself? Will Carroll, Baseball Prospectus: I like Sheffield at DH and think it will keep his decline phase a bit shallower.

I think they look worse offensively bc they don't look strong where we're used to. Actually, I'd say the Tigers look much less vulnerable than last year. A big reason for that is definitely the addition of Sheffield.

While I haven't seen any games live this year, of what I've seen of him in several televised games, Sheffield looks like a player primed for a good season.

His swing is incredible and he's linedrived a couple of homers so far.

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Add his patience and leadership and it should make a difference. On top of that, I'm just noticing better plate discipline from Curtis Granderson. I found the Tigers seem to go the direction Granderson goes on offense. If Grandy has a good game, they're much more likely to win. If he cuts down on Ks, converts some more swings to hits, it's going to set things up that much better for Sheff, Carlos Guillen and Magglio Ordonez.

The lineup just looks pretty balanced top to bottom. It's not the top offense in the AL, maybe not even top three, but it's going to be strong enough to add a few runs to its total from last season.

I don't think that this park sets up very well for Gary Sheffield and I'd be worried that his wrist isn't quite what it used to be.

Wrist injuries can be very hurtful to hitters, so even though Sheffield is a great, great player and has bounced back before, I think he'll still hit around. Generally, I see the Tigers as not concerned enough with getting big numbers from the corners.

I'm not sure there's a problem if everyone's healthy. The ages and injury histories of Pudge, Ordonez and Guillen, not just Sheffield, make you wonder if that will be the case. From what I've seen of Sheffield's swing this spring, he'll hit 30 homers and drive in runs, but the team may regress slightly.

Anthony Giacalone, Baseball Think Factory: I don't think so. I picked them to win last year based on the idea that their hitters would stay healthy and that they pitchers would breakthrough. However, I find it difficult to believe that Guillen can stay healthy two seasons in a row.

I would expect slippage from Pudge, Monroe, Casey and Maggs.

Regression analysis predicting for detroit tigers

Their bench is not terribly deep at all and they have basically zero hitters in the high minors.I LOVE Teheran (he is my NL Cy Young pick), but there is at least *some* regression coming in those numbers while I believe Verlander will iron himself out as the season evolves. Might feel scary after last night from the pair, but I like it.

Leyland should be credited for some of Detroit's gains last year (although normal skills growth and staying healthy helped the most), but everyone seems to forget that the Tigers were not a really bad team when they canned Trammell. Detroit Tigers 86 Seattle Mariners 85 Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Regression Model, and CI.

Why could the simple linear regression model stated above be inadequate for the purpose? Statistical Analysis - Multiple Regression Model. Statistical Analysis - Multiple Regression Model. In the GBM model predicting the probability of NBA play, high school rank is the most valuable predictor, before points, games played, and strength of schedule rating.

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Demography+. Home; About Demography+; On Demography The Tigers of the forties were the third best team in junior circuit. For the most part, though, the rank of markets is not greatly changed by splitting them.

The consequence for the regression analysis I. Spring Training Matters Share on Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers fields during a Spring Training game. spring training results go a long way toward predicting how well a team will hit.

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