The future of offset printing

This article provides an overview of the most innovative print technologies and trends they spotted. Digital direct-to-corrugated printing At drupaBOBST was the only supplier talking about digital direct-to-corrugated printing. This year, however, putting print in line with the corrugator is definitely trending. Improved printheads and innovative inks that stick to gloss coated paper without pretreatment have made inkjet more suitable for printing high-quality images for commercial purposes such as catalogues and magazines.

The future of offset printing

You have been missed! And while you know I am a huge proponent of all things digital, I totally agree with you here.

The future of offset printing

But I think the bigger issue is lack of overall investment in North America, not just investment in offset, but investments designed to keep production platforms current across the board, both hardware and software as well as employee skill sets. It would be interesting to have Dr.

Joe Webb weigh in with trending data on CAPEX in commercial print to see if there is a downward trend that bears out my conjecture. Maybe with the economy looking a little better and some of the uncertainties removed--if our do-nothing Congress would ever get its act together--we will see an uptick in investments.

This will be good for the industry as a whole, both providers and vendors, of course. Maybe not the way you portray the advances in Europe but in more fundamental and less costly ways. I also agree that in general, people have given up on offset. I gave a two day seminar on the theoretical issues on what was required to have offset presses have very short makereadies and run consistently in a predictable way back in This was for a large printer in Kansas City.

The seminar went well but in talking with their executives, they were actually not so interested in developing offset because they felt that inkjet was going to meet their needs in the near future.

The solution is not just about buying new expensive offset technology. The real problem is that the process is still not understood well enough by the industry to develop better technologies for a lower cost.

That is where the potential of offset will be in the future and when that happens, it will make it harder for non variable digital printing to compete. The Landa sweet spot is in danger if this happens.

And it can happen even with retrofitting existing offset presses. Offset is not dead yet. I have always encouraged N. One issue between the markets may be that Euro print market s have always been smaller there so a built in bias existed here in Offset against the need for shorter runs.

Couple to this our l o n g recession, loss of revenues and the climate Carey outlines to see the US printer is experiencing here wide economic challenges.

The best printers are adapting and innovating here.

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Not all need to buy new presses either with the above market uncertain-es. One advantage I think not often discussed is the higher Resolution output of Offset.The Future of Offset Printing The first printing press dates back almost years.

Printing has come a long way since its inception. Although digital color printing has its advantages, there is still a place for offset color printing. In episode five of "You Asked For It," Printing Impressions Editorial Director and Editor-in-Chief Mark Michelson dives into what the future may hold for the offset printing industry as digital.

Digital direct-to-corrugated printing

Browse through the vast selection of Printing Machines that have recently been added to our Website. MULLER MARTINI WEB OFFSET PRINTING MACHINE. Müller Martini CONCEPT 5 colors. ROLAND 3B Future Printing Machines Yahia El-basousy UID: ATU A new study from Smithers Pira - The Future of Offset vs Digital Printing to - shows how the issue of direct competition between digital and offset printing is a daily occurrence for print service suppliers, in determining which process they should use for a .

The future of offset printing

These 6 trends are shaping the future of print; Sunday February 12, These 6 trends are shaping the future of print. making a compelling case for printers to start moving away from electrophotographic and even from offset printing.

(on) in the future, there will be a purpose-built press just around the corner. Innovative companies. That is where the potential of offset will be in the future and when that happens, it will make it harder for non variable digital printing to compete.

The Landa sweet spot is in danger if this happens.

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