The pros and cons of joining in a discourse community

Fifty million soldiers and civilians lost their lives in conflicts that left Europe in ruins. People in different parts of Europe began to dream about a different kind of Europe. Konrad Adenauer, the first Chancellor of post-war Germany, claimed that Europeans must break the habits of thinking in terms of national states, and look beyond the borders of their own countries, to be able to work in cooperation with other nations for true aims of humanity. As president Vaclav Havel said:

The pros and cons of joining in a discourse community

Types of Advertisements and My Preference Advertising can come in many shapes and sizes. Some different forms include internet ads, radio, billboards, commercials, magazines and newspapers.

Each has their own pros and cons.

The pros and cons of joining in a discourse community

A paper ad can have a lot to offer because its audience is actually taking the time to read it, and therefore they care to absorb it. Unfortunately, paper ads are easy to ignore as well. Radio advertisements have a unique quality about them because listeners get only the audio message. The visual aspect of radio is created in the minds of the consumers, which can be a great thing because imagination is powerful.

Television ads, however, have a special quality to them because they combine audio and visual features. When incorporating music, real people, and discussion all in one ad, the sensory outcome is strong.

With all of these factors, I feel television advertisements are most powerful in relating to consumers. I believe that advertising over the television through commercials is most effective in selling products.

I love the simultaneous blending of music and dialect. Due to this, television leaves a lot of room for creativity. In fact, a huge playing factor in commercials is humor. Ideally, I would like to be in charge of creating and scripting these commercials.

The pros and cons of joining in a discourse community

Unfortunately for TV advertisers, programs such as DVR and other recording devices make commercials obsolete. If a consumer records a show to watch later, they will fast-forward through any ad to return to their show. Because of this, television advertising has major hurdles to overcome.

As a backup plan, I would love to participate in outdoor advertising. These advertisements are only limited by their creators. The real challenge is pushing past traditional black and white signs, and making truly unique and attention getting ads.The pros and cons of Ecotourism 1.

Introduction Ecotourism is defined as responsible travel to natural areas that protect the environment and improve the welfare of local people (International Ecotourism Society (TIES), ). Mar 06,  · Listservs (email discussion lists) are the primary method for how online communities share knowledge.

I reached out to about members across three email discussion lists for their opinions about the pros and cons of listservs from their perspective. Online discussion forums have benefits at individual and society level. debates about the supposed pros and cons of internet-based interaction have focused primarily on individual well-being, largely ignoring the potential benefits at more inclusive levels of analysis (community and society).

Joining the forum is not synonymous with. The tension around the pros and cons of online organizing has spurred a healthy debate in the social movement community. Community> If you are into intellectual discourse on current affairs,there will always be someone you can interact,also translates to a larger community of students from FASS,since the programme caters more towards the arts and social sciences.

Pros and Cons of Uk Joining the European Union. That was the dream of one of the founding fathers of the European Community. As president Vaclav Havel said: We must not be afraid to dream of the seemingly impossible if we want the seemingly impossible to become a reality.

which faces the discourse about the shape of the EU members.

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