Victims of an acid attack

Teen arrested in London acid attacks The five attacks on Thursday night, which were reported to police over a minute period, are the latest in a spike of incidents using corrosive liquids as weapons in robberies and gang-related violence in the British capital.

Victims of an acid attack

Victims of an acid attack

Early life[ edit ] Laxmi was born in New Delhi in a middle-class family. Career[ edit ] Laxmi started her career as a campaigner with Stop Acid Attacks campaign. She worked as a campaign coordinator in initial days.

Soon, Laxmi became a voice of the survivors of Acid Attacks across world. She received multiple awards in India for her work to curb the sale of acid and to rehabilitate the survivors of acid attacks through her foundation.

Now Laxmi started her own campaign StopSaleAcid. A minor then, Laxmi was attacked with acid by three men near Tughlaq road in New Delhi as she had refused to marry one of them. She had also pleaded for a total ban on sale of acid, citing increasing number of incidents of such attacks on women across the country.

However, it failed to do so, which angered the court. However, when the Centre failed to produce a plan, the Supreme Court warned that it will intervene and pass orders if the government failed to frame a policy to curb the sale of acid in order to prevent chemical attacks.

Earlier, in February, the court had directed the Centre to convene in six weeks a meeting of Chief Secretaries of all states and Union Territories to hold discussion for enacting a law to regulate the sale of acids and a policy for treatment, compensation and care and rehabilitation of such victims.

Under the new regulations, acid could not be sold to any individual below the age of 18 years. One is also required to furnish a photo identity card before buying acid.

Laxmi claims that not much has changed on the ground, despite all the regulations.


Our own volunteers have gone and purchased acid easily. In fact, I have myself purchased acid," she said. By means of the Right to Information Actwe are trying to acquire data concerning the sale of acid in every district. We intend to present the information collected through this initiative before the Supreme Court to apprise them of the situation on the ground.

But we are challenging the society by not getting married. The looks of a bride are most important for people.

Crackdowns on knives and guns lead criminals elsewhere

So we decided not to have any ceremony," said Laxmi. Hunger strike and campaign against acid violence[ edit ] Laxmi, along with other acid attack survivors started a hunger strike demanding immediate justice and rehabilitation for acid attack survivors.Laxmi Agarwal (born 1 June ) is an Indian campaigner with Stop Acid Attacks and a TV host.

She is an acid attack survivor and speaks for the rights of acid attack victims. She was attacked in at age 15, by a year-old man Gudda and his alias Naeem Khan whose advances she had 1 June , New Delhi.

Sep 19,  · France acid attack victims: Pray for mentally ill assailant. Victim in attack on four U.S. college students asks supporters to pray 'for our attacker . Acid victims Silvier Nambirige (R) and Linneti Kirungi pose in the Center for Rehabilitation of Survivors of Acid and Burns Violence (CERESAV) in Kampala, Uganda, 10 March The aid organization CERESAV assists victims of acid attacks and advocates for laws that include stricter sentencing for offenders.

Photo: HENRY WASSWA/dpa | usage worldwide. Acid Attack: My Story is show on Suspect in massacre of Ohio family of eight filed for custody of the three-year-old daughter he shared with one of the victims six days after the killings.

Watch video · Acid attack first aid: What you need to do immediately to help victims. Act as quickly as possible to minimise damage to the eyes, skin and surrounding tissues.

Indian acid attack victims share their stories. Five women describe how their lives were changed in an instant when they were attacked with acid.

Acid Attacks On The Rise, Majority Of Victims Are White Men